#GrandCanyon #Volcanoes #WupatkiNationalMonument #SunsetCraterVolcano #photography #Arizona

In awe in front of such majesty, unforgettable landscapes, and the ancient cultures in tune with Mother Earth…

5 responses to “#GrandCanyon #Volcanoes #WupatkiNationalMonument #SunsetCraterVolcano #photography #Arizona”

  1. wonderful photos. I have been to Grand Canyon once on a quick stop. The colors and the vastness of it inspire. I hope you enjoyed your visit

  2. What is the structure from?

    1. Ancient Hopi Native American ruins from the 14th century 🙂

      1. Where was it taken…love it. I have explored Mesa Verde numerous times, but hadn’t seen anything like your structure in the region of the world. Beautiful capture and beautiful structure!!

      2. Wupatki Pueblo, in the Wupatki National Monument, off no 89. It’s worth following the Loop Road, 56km 35 m, from the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, driving back to Falstaff on no 89. Sacred ground, the painted desert on the horizon, beyond the little Colorado river the Navajo reservation. Thanks for popping in!

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