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Souviens-toi que la perfection n’est point sur la terre.

Si je n’ai pu être le meilleur des hommes,

Je ne suis point au nombre des méchans;

L’éloge ou le blâme

Ne touchent plus celui

Qui repose dans l’éternité…”

Epitaph of Prinz Heinrich Hohenzollern, brother of King Friedrich der Große, in the park of  Rheinsberg castle.

A Walk in Sacrower Schloss Park

The leafless trees look over the park, serenity reigns. Not quite free of ice, the Havel flows, almost with an excuse: it may be February, but winter is far from over. In the distance, through the mist, one can guess at the Glienicker Brücke, the bridge of spies. Many years have passed since then, since the hideous wall was removed, new trees planted, the park reopened, and the old church finally restored to its simple splendour… (